Mission, Vision & Objectives

The Direct Selling Association of the Philippines is the national trade association of the companies engaged in the business of direct selling and network marketing. It is affiliated with The World Federation of Direct Selling Association with headquarters at Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

The DSAP has been established for important reasons: Since our method of marketing is unique, requiring us to have personal contact with consumers, direct sellers have to maintain a high standard of selling and servicing practices. To serve with honesty and courtesy is one of the prime objectives of our Association.


To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness and integrity of member companies and the independent business people they represent by ensuring that the marketing by member companies of products/and or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to the consumers.


To be the leading organization that best supports the direct selling industry by:

  •  Establishing and implementing the highest self-regulating standards resulting to the most ethical sales force, legitimate earning opportunities & excellent customer satisfaction & protection
  • Acting as the guardian of the direct selling industry
  •  Promoting direct selling as top-of- mind career choice


  1. Maintain and promote to the public an image of trust and respect for the direct sellingindustry
  2. Establish the Association Code of Ethics and to maintain compliance therewith by
    members of the Association
  3. Foster, promote and protect the method of merchandise distribution and servicing in
    which its members are engaged
  4. Foster favorable public relations and present the views of its members to governmentbodies and consumer groups.
  5. Cooperate with governmental bodies in respect to matters relating to the methods of production, marketing and servicing by its members
  6. Promote a high standard of merchandising and servicing practices
  7. Cooperate with other organizations and group having similar objectives
  8. Collect and disseminate information and data pertinent to the affairs of the members
  9. Meet the collective needs of member companies and to do so always in public interest.

The association, because of its objectives, will work towards the enhancement of direct selling as a profession so that all those engaged in it can work in an atmosphere of growth and achieve their objectives to earn, learn, and become self-fulfilled, and well-respected in his community.