2nd GMM 2017 – Stronger Together: #COLLABORATE

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DSAP Chairman Joey Sarmiento
DSAP Chairman Joey Sarmiento

DSAP Chairman Joey Sarmiento during Welcome Remarks

DSAP held its 2nd GMM at Richmonde Hotel last June 28, 2017, with the theme, “Stronger Together: #Collaborate”. The event opened with DSAP Chairman Joey Sarmiento, Max International VP for Asia short message about strengthening the partnership.

Association Updates: DSAP forged a new partnership with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). DSAP and DTI are in the process of signing a Memorandum of Agreement: 1. One is to help promote entrepreneurship and Direct Selling industry as a legitimate business venture; 2. Creation of task force for compliance at the Consumer Act of the Philippines and implementing guidelines.
Another meaningful collaboration of the association is the partnership with the Senate for the passing of Anti-Pyramiding Special Law. DSAP had six meetings with the Senate for the final draft of the Bill.

Chairman Sarmiento closes his speech by presenting the statistical data on the Direct Selling Global Sales worldwide. The Direct Selling industry has sold amounting to US$ 182,556, up by 1.9% with Direct Sellers population of 107M worldwide. Asia Pacific retail sales are about 46%, which is the highest in the Regional Sales Report, America is second at 33%, followed by Europe at 20% and Africa/Middle East with 1%. Total retail sales value of the Philippines is around Php 59B with 5% sales change in 2016. We have now around 4.3M of Independent Business Retailers. The Wellness category registered the highest percentage of product sales at 35%.

As for his final statement, Chairman Sarmiento stated that this is the opportune time to engage in direct selling as the industry continues to grow.

Resource Speaker Dir. Jose Aquino, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Resource Speaker Dir. Jose Aquino, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The theme Collaboration is very appropriate considering the problems confronting the direct selling industry today requires collaborative efforts from both public and private sectors. SEC and DTI act together to work independently to enforce the law not only to consumers and legitimate businesses but also work against the unscrupulous business victimizing the public.

He warns the public about pyramiding scams. Various schemes are being plotted nowadays by the unscrupulous businesses to attract the unsuspecting public to fall into their trap. While legitimate businesses continue to enhance their products through marketing, the unscrupulous businesses such as pyramiding are taking advantage of the opportunity. People who want to have huge profits fall into this trap. Some do not care about the quality of the products anymore, but the profit they will gain in business. This is truly harmful to the economy.

SEC collaborates with other government agencies such as Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation against harmful business practices. The effort proves to be effective in combatting these illegal businesses. SEC and other collaborating agencies participate actively in consumer protection. In addition, enhanced public information is also an effective means to educate the consumers/public against illegal business practices and schemes.

Relationship Management 101 by MnM Training and Coaching (Marteen Pennings)
Relationship Management 101 by MnM Training and Coaching (Marteen Pennings)

MnM gave a peek of their training and coaching services by providing a short presentation on Relationship Management 101. This short presentation is an overview on sales performance enhancement.

The MnM training coaches briefly discussed the Five (5) Elements of Sale, such as:

1. Yourself (Sales Person) – Consumers’ trust is built thru rapport. Buyers will test you at every step so arm yourself with the language of sales.

2. Company – You are a representation of your company. Consumers usually buy from a company with good reputation, values that aligned to theirs, brand/image that relates well with the consumers. It is always important to tailor-fit your presentation and your story to match the client’s interest, network, and aspirations.

3. Value – Another important element of the sale. Consumers almost always give priority to the value of the product or service and what it can do for the client. Value is best to advertise through connections/network/name drops, testimonials and success stories, free trial or sampling and warranty.

4. Product – Make your product exclusive or unique

5. Price – First, sell the VALUE, then the price! When clients ask for the price, this is the classic buying signal! If the client perceives the price to be too high, then he clearly didn’t see the value.

Finally, discussed the vital elements to consider in a sales meeting.

• The difference between pestering and determination – If you are calling a client constantly, without new information and without request, guess where you stand.

• Understanding – you can only sell to a client when you understand his needs. Ask the right questions, listen to the answer and use the information to pitch

• Show empathy – Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and use it in your approach

• Be a consultant – The sales process is an emotional event. People buy from people. Use the emotional connection (trust) to secure the sale.

• Practice, practice, practice! – There is not a perfect script or universal template. Practice makes perfect!

 Four Pillars of Success by Sam Low (founder of Edmark Group of Companies)

Four Pillars of Success by Sam Low (founder of Edmark Group of Companies)

Four Pillars of Success by Sam Low (founder of Edmark Group of Companies)

Sam Low, founder of Edmark Group of companies shared his own success story. His journey as an entrepreneur is truly inspiring and admirable. It may sound like an ordinary example of “from Rags to Riches,” but what makes his story unique is his application of the universal principles of his personal and business success:

Gratitude – Positive, Feel Good, Appreciative

Love – Balance, Give/Receive, Wisdom, Discernment

Abundance – Goodwill, Support, Influence

Compassion – Empathy, Higher Purpose, Passion

He recalls vividly how he rose from a struggling entrepreneur to where he is now. His hard work, patience, faith in himself and to people and his passionate desire to succeed made it possible for him to build his now growing business.

Sam Low has also written a book entitled, “4 PILLARS OF SUCCESS.” The book is available at popular bookstores.



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